Masks at Your Discretion

Following the State of Ohio’s protocol, the Worship Board has decided to lift our in Worship Masking Guidelines. You can now wear masks in the sanctuary at your own discretion.  Please remember that as Christians under the Lordship of Jesus Christ our Savior, we do not discriminate against those who wear do not wear masks or those who do wear masks; for each this is a personal choice. We look on each other with love, compassion, and understanding, just as Christ first did.

The Worship Board & Diaconate has still kept in place an alternative method of the Lord’s Supper. We are also collecting prayer requests and offerings at the entrance to the sanctuary, as nothing is being “passed” through the pews at this time.

We are praying for all in our church family and around our association to continue to stay well and to stay healthy. Please pray for our vulnerable, those without access to healthcare, and those who are ill.