Operation Christmas Child 2022

Last year, our church filled 90 boxes for Operation Christmas Child. In years prior we have also filled 90 and 91 … Can we do better this year? Can we top 100 boxes?

These boxes do not contain just gifts for children. They contain the Word of God. They contain a message of hope. They contain a message of love. Many of these children have nothing. We live in a society of excess where our homes are large and our pantries are full. Many of these children would feel blessed to have just a small portion of what we have, even something as simple as a cup to drink from. We often take even the smallest things for granted. So, how can we help others? We can help others by giving a portion of what God has given us to those who are in need. So … how will you help others this holiday season?

The last day to turn in your items for your Operation Christmas Child boxes is SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6th.

If you can’t go shopping for the items on the list, don’t have time to shop, or are intimidated by the list … it’s okay! We have shoppers ready and waiting to do all the shopping for you. We want to make sure that God’s Word reaches those in need. Will you help us?

Send your contributions and gifts of money to:

Hubbard First Baptist Church, 59 Orchard Ave, Hubbard, OH 44425

If you are local, you can drop your monetary donations in the offering box, located in the narthex.