June 2021 Newsletter

Sometimes we stop and wonder what God is up to. It’s hard for us to see it. We often question what He is doing and where He is leading us. Being a part of God’s Kingdom Building at First Baptist Church of Hubbard has been quite a journey. We have so much yet to learn and so much that God is teaching us as we muddle through the waters of what it means to be a Light for Christ in a dark world.

But God is moving. Despite a pandemic and a closure of church due to the pandemic, God is still moving. It’s okay to question God, it’s okay to wonder what He is up to. But it’s NOT okay to falter, to stop and be still and stop your growth with Jesus simply because you’re tired, too busy, or too stressed to ‘take any more.’ All of those reasons are exactly why Jesus came to save us! If you’ve wondered if God is up to something, it’s always during the quiet in the storm that the Earth is soaking up the rain.

Several months ago prayers were lifted that our church would begin a new journey, a journey alongside a missionary couple or family. A journey of prayer is continuing on. But we need your support, your prayerful support, and your pledge as we (as a church family) use our corporate discernment as God leads us in our next steps.

Masks are to be worn at your discretion during our 10:15am worship service.

We’re pleased to be able to provide you with another way for you to get your church newsletter! This is a very important newsletter, packed full of information about new opportunities for our church family. Our secretary works hard and diligently to make sure every church member, household, family, and friend of the church gets their newsletter. We know that times can be stressful, busy, and things can get in the way. We want you to have access to the documents that you need most.

Here’s a digital PDF version of our Church Newsletter that you can now download and print off at home. Blessings to you and yours today.