Sr. High BYF

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The Sr. High BYF (grades 9-12) is led by Rev. Katie Oskin, the Associate Pastor of our church.

Monthly Meetings are the 2nd Sunday of the month immediately after worship until 1:30pm

in the Sr. High Room, education wing of the church. Lunch is provided.

Sofia & Sam Dean

All youth grades 9-12 are eligible to attend.

BYF is about growing in the knowledge of scripture, learning about yourself, learn about Jesus Christ, and learning about what God has called each of us to do while we are here on Earth.

Please feel free to invite a friend with you to church & stay for BYF following worship.

Latest News

BYF Assignment – Download YouVersion

Rev. Katie is requesting that all BYF Members (and parents/guardians if you so choose) download the App YouVersion so that Pastor Katie can help lead, guide, and direct them through […]

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