May 2021 Newsletter

May is a time to stop and pause and celebrate the gift of Mom. Mom can be many things, a person who is your real mother, figurative mother, adoptive mother, best friend, or an elder who you love as if she was your mother. This month is a time where we pause just long enough to celebrate her, thank her, praise her, and bless her; whoever she is in your life.

Join us for Mother’s Day worship, May 9th at 10:15am.

We’re pleased to be able to provide you with another way for you to get your church newsletter! This is a very important newsletter, packed full of information about new opportunities for our church family. Our secretary works hard and diligently to make sure every church member, household, family, and friend of the church gets their newsletter. We know that times can be stressful, busy, and things can get in the way. We want you to have access to the documents that you need most.

Here’s a digital PDF version of our Church Newsletter that you can now download and print off at home. Blessings to you and yours today.